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Joseph A. Drobot, Jr. Fidelitas Medal Recipient Embodies Ideals of Founding Father

Joseph A. Drobot, Jr.
Fidelitas Medal Recipient Embodies Ideals of Founding Father

The Fidelitas Medal, first awarded in 1949, is presented in recognition of
one’s fidelity in serving God, country, and the Orchard Lake Schools.
Fidelitas medalists are evaluated for their realization of
the religious and cultural ideals of Orchard Lake Schools founder,
Rev. Joseph Dabrowski, a Polish missionary priest,
who established the original education institution in Detroit in 1885.

Joseph A. Drobot, Jr., an Honorary Alumnus of Orchard Lake Schols (H’00), has dedicated his life to God, his country and serving others.  As the current president of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (PRCUA), an organization founded in 1873 and recognized as “the mother of all Polish American Fraternals,” he lives by his motto: Behind every success is effort. Behind every effort is passion. Behind every passion is someone with the courage to try.

The 70th Fidelitas Medal recipient, to receive the Orchard Lake Schools most prestigious honor at the Ambassadors Ball On April 22, 2017, was born in Detroit, Michigan. He is the son of Joseph A. and Estelle L. (nee Kosch) Drobot and attended St. Hedwig’s Grammar and High School before moving on to the University of Detroit where he received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Master’s Degree in Economics. He then completed post-graduate work at Michigan State University.

Drobot’s dedicated service to PRCUA spans over 50 years (Societies #87 and #718). He played in the organization’s basketball and baseball league tournaments and, in the 1960s, served as one of the insurance deputies as well as on the Budget and Grievance Committee (36 years). His father, Joseph, Sr., served as the National President for two terms (1978-1986), and he followed in his father’s footsteps when he was elected in 2010. He will finish his second term in 2018.

Throughout his storied career, Drobot served at a cost analyst (Ford Motor Company), vice president (various NYSE companies; Michigan National Bank), and treasurer, manager of mergers/acquisitions, and plant administrator (Wall Colmonoy Corp., a privately owned industrial materials engineering company with international metal foundry operations). He was also an adjunct teaching instructor at a number of Michigan colleges and universities.

Drobot has shared his leadership, knowledge and talents with numerous organizations throughout his life, including the Orchard Lake Schools as a former chairman (1992-94; 2008-10) of the Board of Regents (named to the Board in 1991), a member of the Board of Directors, and a member of the Wikiera Foundation promoting Polish culture and heritage through The Polish Mission. He has also served the following:
·         Polish Museum of America, Chicago, Illinois (Chairman since 2010).
·         Lourdes Assisted Living and Nursing Homes in Michigan (Member of the Board of Directors).
·         Freedom House, Sanctuary for victims of political persecution seeking asylum in the United States (Member of the Board of Directors).
·         Edward and Ellen Dryer Charitable Trust promoting assistance to the visually impaired through medical research and community assistance programs (Board member).
·         Parish and local community volunteer activity.

Joseph and Judy Drobot have been married for over 50 years. They have four children and ten grandchildren. The long-standing member of St. Regis Parish, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, spent a lifetime in the state before relocating to Chicago, Illinois to assume the presidency of PRCUA.

Recognition, Honors, Awards

·         2012.  Knights Cross of the Order of Merit from the Republic of Poland awarded for service in promoting the good reputation of Poland and in combating falsehoods and negative stereotyping of Poland, Polish History and Polish citizenry.

·         2013.  General Pulaski Medal of Honor from the Central Citizens Committee of the City of Hamtramck, Michigan, awarded for service to the Polish American Community in Michigan.

·         2015.  Casimir Pulaski Award from the Polish American Congress, Illinois Division, for work in promoting Polonia in the USA. (March)

·         2015.  Haller Swords Medal, Cleveland, Ohio, conferred to civilians working closely with the Polish American Veterans Association and Polonia. (May)

·         2015.  Heritage Award, Polish American Congress, Indiana Division, for activity promoting the good name and reputation of Poland, Polonia and Polish Americans.

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